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'Bewildered' Original Woodcut Print (framed)
'Bewildered' Original Woodcut Print (framed)

'Bewildered' Original Woodcut Print (framed)

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'Bewildered' 2/20 - 2016

Bewildered is Kean's take on the surf break - Teahupo`o (Tahiti) one of the most powerful waves on the planet.  Breaking over an incredibly shallow coral reef, this left breaking wave is commonly referred to as the 'heaviest wave in the world.'  The barrel of the wave is often as wide as it is tall.  Two of Oahu's finest, Nathan Fletcher and Nathan Florence are known to have caught two of the largest waves ever ridden at Teahupo'o; Fletcher was towed into his from a jet ski and Florence paddled into his wave.  Both incredible feats and rides that have will remain forever in the history of surfing.

Limited Edition Original Woodcut Print

BFK Rives Paper (30"x22")

Frame measures 37.5" x 29.5" x 1.5" - constructed in Hawaii from reclaimed pinewood (stained and finished.) Plexiglass window.