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'Ghost in the Machine' 1/50 Limited Edition Giclee **NEW**

'Ghost in the Machine' 1/50 Limited Edition Giclee **NEW**

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Title : 'Ghost in the Machine' 1/50
The original work was created utilizing the woodcut method of relief printmaking with an added color blend.  In it, Kean depicts the silhouette of a surfer in the barrel of a breaking wave.  The title is a play on Rene Descartes' notion of mind/body dualism. The machine is driven by the ghost and the ghost is driven by the machine.  This piece is now offered in a limited edition of large scale giclee prints as depicted here.

Limited Edition (50) Fine Art Giclee on Washi Paper

Frame: 41"x31" / 1.5" Face / 1.5" Depth / Stained & finished Douglas Fir

Paper: 36"x26" Fine Art Giclee Hot Press 

Ink: Epson HDD Giclee Ink Set

Artwork by Steven Kean, printed and framed in Hawaii