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‘Amplitude’ 9/10 - Limited Edition, Original woodcut print

‘Amplitude’ 9/10 - Limited Edition, Original woodcut print

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‘Amplitude’ 9/10

The amplitude of a wave refers to the maximum amount of displacement of a particle on the medium from its rest position. In a sense, the amplitude is the distance from rest to crest.

In this piece, Kean depicts an unbroken wave in a somewhat Abstract manner. He strives for clean lines and stark contrast giving the viewer a sense of stillness yet movement in an elegant way. It’s this dichotomy that Kean has been exploring in his work for the past seven years.

Limited edition of 10. 9 of 10 is shown here.

BFK Rives Paper measures 36”x20”

Frame measures 42"x26”x1.5” constructed with Douglass Fir, stained and finished. Plexiglass window.