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'Aqua' Giclee Art Print
'Aqua' Giclee Art Print
'Aqua' Giclee Art Print

'Aqua' Giclee Art Print

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Title : 'Aqua'

A four layer color reduction woodblock print, 'Aqua' is one of the first prints created on Kean's recently acquired home studio press.  It's the first attempt in over 15 years venturing in this style of printmaking. Color Reduction is a process where the artist carves into a block of wood, rolls ink onto it and prints it onto paper.  A 2nd, 3rd and 4th layer were carved and printed to achieve the imagery depicted here.  Kean also created a gradient of color with each layer of ink to create a subtle highlight in the central portion of the wave.  The viewer is drawn from the foreground (wave) to the background (land/island) by this slight change in hue.  The textures throughout the image are contrasting yet cohesive in nature and appearance.  Kean hopes to elicit tranquil and calm feelings through the use of a variety of blue hues.

Fine Art Giclee print

11inch x 14inch

Mats: Acid-Free, 4 ply (1.4 mm or 1/16 inch) 

Image Size: 11x14: 7.5inch x 9.5inch 

Does not come with frame 

Printed and assembled in Hawaii

Designed by Steven Kean