'Beeline' - Original Limited Edition Woodblock Print 1/20

'Beeline' - Original Limited Edition Woodblock Print 1/20

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A special one being the first woodcut print in a limited edition, I was honored to have this piece accepted into the 96th Annual Honolulu Printmakers Exhibition in April 2024.

‘Beeline’ is inspired by a favorite wave of mine here on the North Shore of Oahu. Due to the bathymetry and the way in which the reef is shaped, this wave typically breaks very quickly. When you get to your feet, it’s up an moving from the get go, pumping and weaving and/or if your lucky, spending some time in the barrel. Countless hours and days have been consumed riding and studying this wave, both in and out of the water. So much respect and love for it. It’s where I find moments of solitude in between the busyness of life, work and crowds. I’ve gotten stitches, a concussion and some bumps and bruises out here over the years out here but it’s all rooted in deep passion and love. These emotions are poured into the creation of my work, it’s one of my goals to convey this and evoke similar feelings from the viewer.

Enjoy and Aloha ✌🏼

Limited Edition of 20

Archival Black Ink on BFK Rives paper (white) measures 28"x22"

Shadowbox style frame (kiln dried Douglass Fir wood) measures 36"x30" - custom framed, stained and finished. Plexiglass window.